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Welcome to CounselFit

Connected PROs Walk Talk Outdoors Therapy and Group Fitness Bootcamp

CounselFit is a therapeutic approach that does not take place in an office setting or sitting stationary. It is the blend of movement and the outdoors. Connected PRO offers CounselFit in Individual and Group style sessions by dually credentialed Fitness Instructors and Licensed Therapists. 


CounselFit Bootcamp is ​​a unique blend of Motivational Group Counseling fused with a High Intensity Interval Training. CounselFit Group Fitness Bootcamp focuses on improving the entire self inside and out.​ It is open to anyone that desires balance and motivation.

Individual CounselFit is offered as Walk Talk Outdoors Therapy and addresses more individual needs that are not individually identified in the Bootcamp setting. 


If you are experiencing high levels of anxiety, depression, having panic attacks, lacking motivation, need to address self esteem, experiencing challenges with weight management or want to experience therapy in a different way Individual or Group CounselFit may be a great alternative to address your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance for CounselFit services?

I work with First Sun EAP and APS Healthcare EAP/Workplace Options to provides services through insurance programs.  Otherwise, CounselFit is a self-pay service.

What about the weather?

Bad weather no problem. It is always the client’s choice to press on,  reschedule, or meet online when it come to the Walk Talk Outdoors Session. However, if you are enrolled in the CounselFit Group Fitness Bootcamp you will be notified by your class instructor of cancellations/makeups. As for the winter months an indoor location will be provided.

Is this a cardio workout? No and Yes

No not at all. Walk Talk is a slow to moderate stroll/ walk. We will not be  running or even walking at a fast pace. There is nothing physically strenuous about the session. But lets say you want to pick up the pace a bit, we will walk at your desired pace. However, if you are enrolled in the CounselFit Group Fitness Bootcamp you will be participating in a High Intensity Interval Training Work out for 30-45 minutes.

What are the locations?

Everyone seems to love sessions in parks with walking trails. Other popular routes are along the greenways in various locations. Some choose a route near their work or home, along a quiet side street. All locations are assessed for safety prior to the first CounselFit session. However, if you are enrolled in the CounselFit Group Fitness Bootcamp we are currently only meeting at one location (Site in Fort Mill, SC).

What do you mean by all locations are assessed for safety?

Prior to the first CounselFit session all sites are visited to assure that the location has adequate parking, park/trail visibility, benches for sitting, restroom and water fountains are noted. It is our goal to make sure that in the event of unexpected circumstance we can respond accordingly. 

What are the typical times?

Its your choice, based on availability. Many clients choose a time around their lunch hour or after work. Some even decide on a time before work. One of the main goals is to make this as convenient as possible. However, if you are enrolled in the CounselFit Group Fitness Bootcamp classes they are scheduled between these hours 5:30am-9:30am and 6:30pm-7:30pm. Class Times will adjust with Daylight Savings.

How do I now if CounselFit is right for me?

-If you enjoy the outdoors and do not experience overwhelming feelings thinking about the non-traditional therapy approach.

-If the thought of an outdoors walking therapy session becomes appealing to you and you believe that it can be beneficial for not only your mental wellness but also your physical health.

-If you want a different type of therapy session and experience.

However, if you interested in enrolling in the CounselFit Group Fitness Bootcamp this is a motivational symptom reducing High Intensity Interval Training class. It focuses on improving the entire self. ​Modification to each exercise is provided but seek advice from your Primary Care Physician before participation.

What about my confidentiality?

This is not a concern for the clients who currently participate in CounselFit therapy – you simply sign a consent form and out the door we go for a session! If by chance we happen to run into someone you know, then I will follow your lead and will never compromise your confidentiality. It is up to you to acknowledge me as your therapist if you chose to do so – the choice is up to you. However, if you are enrolled in the CounselFit Group Fitness Bootcamp I will not discuss any confidential information to other Bootcampers or individuals in the community. We are simply an Outdoor Fitness Class! In the Bootcamp I am your Instructor.

How can I get started?

To get started please Click Here​​

How much is CounselFit per session?


1 hour @ $130.00

1 hour @ $130.00

1 hour @ $130.00

1 hour @ $144.00

1 hour @ $144.00



How do I access my out of network benefit?

On the back of your insurance card, there should be a toll free number for questions related to your mental health benefit. When calling, be sure to check your coverage carefully by asking the following questions:


What are my mental health benefits?

What is my deductible and has it been met?

How many sessions per calendar year does my plan cover?

How much does my plan cover for an out-of-network provider?

What is the usual and customary amount for a therapist in North or South Carolina?

Is approval required from my primary care physician?

Do you accept insurance?

No, I do not accept insurance. The fee for service is paid in full prior to the start of each session. I provide each clients with invoices which they are able to submit to their insurance companies for partial reimbursement

What is your Therapy style?

Reality, Client Centered, Cognitive Behavioral and Solution Focused theoretical orientations.

A highly personalized approach tailored to each of the clients’ individual needs to help them attain the personal growth desired. The goal is to provide the client with a non-judgmental working environment where they feel safe, heard and respected. Whether the environment is a face to face session in a traditional setting, electronic counseling online from the privacy of your home/office  or meeting for a stroll in the park this unique approach empowers clients to achieve real and meaningful changes in their lives.

I am embarrassed because I am overweight, what if I cannot do it?

I conduct my CounselFit therapy sessions with clients of all shapes, sizes, genders and ages.  A CounselFit session is about you, your desired pace, and your comfort level. The focus is on the therapy process and your needs. Together we will move you toward a healthier way of living!

However, if you are enrolled in the CounselFit Group Fitness Bootcamp all exercises can be modified. This could be a great place to address internal feelings that hold you back from accomplishing your goals. Try It Out!

Can we switch back to online therapy if I find I don’t enjoy this? Or can we alternate from week to week?

Absolutely. Again, it is your choice to take the session outdoors for a CounselFit  session, or to remain inside for an online session. I respect your choice and honor what feels best for you. However, if you are enrolled in the CounselFit Group Fitness Bootcamp you have the option to add Individual Walk Talk Outdoors Therapy to your Bootcamp program. This is a great option if you desire more one on one counseling to address anxiety, depression, stress or need motivation for life style changes. Online Therapy can be an option to everyone if necessary to meet for an individual session.

Does it matter what I wear?

You want to be comfortable. So comfortable shoes and clothing for walking are recommended. Use good judgement when it comes to temperatures and if  wearing layers is necessary due to cooler temps. However, if you are enrolled in the CounselFit Group Fitness Bootcamp, please have on work out clothing and athletic sneakers. I would also recommend bringing a water bottle and small towel. Yoga mats are optional.

What if I see someone I know?

My focus and support is on you and the session continues without interruption. Inside or outside the office, I will always maintain your confidentiality and will not acknowledge you to anyone as my client without your signed permission. The general public is used to seeing people walking together every day – it is part of our normal routine. We are simply two people walking and talking; there is nothing overt that states that this is a therapy session. However, if you are enrolled in the CounselFit Group Fitness Bootcamp you are in a Fitness Bootcamp. As the instructor I am instructing a Fitness Bootcamp class. I will not discuss any confidential information to other Bootcampers or individuals in the community. We are simply a Outdoor Fitness Class!

"Wellness is the compete integration of body, mind, and spirit - the realization that everything we do, think, feel, and believe has an effect on our state of well-being."

- Greg Anderson

CounselFit Locations

Fort Mill

Walter Elisha Park

Rock Hill

Manchester Meadows


Winget Park



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